Tuesday, 27 June 2017

An Afternoon with Yupo Paper and Alcohol Inks

         I have recently been to the Claritystamp Open Days in Crowborough East Sussex. So many wonderful demos by the very talented design team. I picked up lots of ideas and since returning have been keen to try them out. I spent a lot of time watching Dee Paramour using Yupo paper and alcohol inks. It is amazing how the inks react on the paper and some fabulous effects can be achieved. Below is the card I have made using some of the techniques.       


        I forgot to take photos as I was making this as I had started out just intending to play but liked the effect so had to use it. So I will try to explain exactly what I did. Firstly you need a piece of Yupo paper and a blending tool and a selection of alcohol inks, colours of your choice. 



     Put felt pad on the blending tool and drip on several drops of ink in various colours then a few drops of blending solution. Not too much. 


        Then press the pad onto the paper randomly and watch the magic happen. keep adding until you get the effect you like. 


        Next I chose one of my stencils and put on top of the paper. A little bit of tape to keep in place is a good idea. Use a clean pad and this time just put blending solution on then dab carefully all over the stencil. This takes out some of the colour and leaves the stencil pattern. Nice. I used the stencil below.


      I cut the paper into three strips and mounted onto black card then onto a piece of white card. I felt it needed some embellishments so made my own flowers using the stamps pictured below. I stamped onto some of the lovely Clarity Northern Lights paper and cut out and assembled the flowers with a little gem in the middle. I also stamped a little dragonfly using Archival ink. Be careful when stamping onto Yupo as the stamp can slip. 


     I had a small strip of the paper left over so rather than waste it I stamped butterflies on it and cut out. These will do nicely to add to another card one day. 



       I quite enjoyed my afternoon playing with inks. I have a few more ideas to try out and it is just a question of seeing what you can achieve. I have put the links below for the stamps and stencil that I used.

      Flower stamps
      Butterfly and dragonfly stamp

     Thank-you for dropping by. Back soon with some more ideas. xx


Monday, 12 June 2017


     Birthdays roll round each year and some are just a bit more special. Just recently a good friend of mine celebrated her 70th. I wanted to make a special card for this occasion so decided to tackle a grid design I found in an old copy of Parchment Craft magazine. The design is by Carla Prediger but I used the lovely flower Groovi plates by Tina Cox to make the flowers.          


         Needed a little bit of patience with this grid design but I do love the challenge. I always just hope that I do not go wrong at the last little bit. 

        Tina's flower plate is wonderful. I have not got many flower punches so this makes it easy to produce some beautiful flowers and butterflies.  They finish off a design beautifully.                                                                      
Tina's Groovi flower plate  click on this link if you would like to find out more. 

      Finally my friend liked her card and also the cake that I made for her. Could not let her 70th birthday go by without some celebration. 
         Thank-you for visiting. xxx