Tuesday, 6 September 2016


       I spent a lot of time this last weekend at Curborough Craft Centre. On Saturday there was a wonderful Parchment Craft Exhibition, many very talented ladies were showing their brilliant work. I am in awe of some of the designs produced by the experts. I also picked up a lot of advice and met up with several friends who are all interested in the same craft. There has been quite a renewal in this ancient craft lately due to the Groovi plates being produced by Claritystamps. These have made parchment work easier for a lot of people who previously struggled with it but having said that many experts have embraced the system. I enjoy both aspects of the craft, traditional which involves tracing and using Groovi. 
        On Sunday I attended a full day workshop run by several parchment tutors. I was apprehensive to begin with as I thought I would be out of my depth but I was soon put at ease. My lovely friend Maggie Craner also came along and we sat together. Safety in numbers I reckon. The first project was very intricate and I will have to post a photo of that one later as I have not finished it yet. In the afternoon we were painting on parchment using any water based markers that we had. Now colouring and blending is not my strong point but I learnt an awful lot. I am keen to try the technique again and can carry some of the tips over into my stamping. 

           Below is my finished project and I am quite pleased with it. Not perfect I know but definitely an improvement for me. 

            I added a few more flowers to mine and also some gems and a little bit of glitter although that does not show very well on the photo. I wanted to send this to my lovely little great niece who says she loves my glittery cards. Hope she likes it. 

                       When painting on parchment you must be careful not to get too much water on your brush just damp really. The parchment will crinkle otherwise. 

         Hope you like this pretty little design, this one was designed by Sue Hastwell who taught the afternoon class. I will post my other project as soon as I have finished it. 

           Thank-you for dropping by . xx

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