Monday, 18 July 2016

Is it a Smurf or just MAGICAL

      No I have not quite lost my mind yet---if you are wondering about the title of this post. I have just completed my entry for the Calendar challenge at Claritystamp, I was just looking at the finished piece and I am sure there is a smurf in the top left corner waving at me. Well I hope he is Magical and helps me to success in the challenge. It is worth hoping as there is a £50 voucher at stake so if you have time pop over to the Calendar Challenge and have a go. 
Hopefully you might have a copy of the brilliant calendar but if you need more detail click on this Blog post where Barbara Gray explains how to create her masterpiece.

Original piece by Barbara Gray

       So now we need to look at my effort complete with  pink Smurf. Not quite a masterpiece but hey it is original. 

My little pink Smurf.

        Amazing what you find in the ink blobs, I know Barbara tells us to squint to find the hills etc but not sure she means little pink men as well. I had not got the word chain for Magical so used my lovely new Alphabet Stamp set. Very useful. 

     Thank-you for having a look at my blog xxx



  1. Love your card nice colour work good luck in the clarity calender challenge x