Sunday, 15 May 2016


         Yesterday was my day for a workshop. I so love this time to spend with other ladies and enjoy our crafts. This month we were creating a mixed media canvas with Debbie Rock instructing us. She creates  the most amazing pieces of art, I knew mine would never be as good as hers but loved the chance to give it all a try. I had a fantastic day and I think everyone else did too. There were some fabulous pieces of work and I think we all will be trying some more.   

     So above is the canvas I did. The next one I do I will take step by step photos so that I can share with you how it is all done. I like the colour on my flowers but would have preferred to have the rest a little darker. I have not got many spray inks so will have to get a few more to experiment with other shades.

     Anyway we always have a raffle at our workshop and this time I was very lucky to win the first prize which was a beautiful heart created by Debbie herself. It will hang in my hallway so that it can be seen by everyone easily. Perfect.


                  I have a way to go before I reach this amazing standard. Beautiful. 

    Thank-you for visiting, xxx


  1. These are super, Mum! I love the one you made wouldn't know it was your first attempt. Great! Love Von XXX

    1. Thank-you Von. It was a great day and I shall be making some more. xx