Sunday, 17 April 2016


     I love the stencil I have used to make this card, think it is so pretty. I have used some of the petals in the past to make 3D flowers.


      I drew around the stencil onto parchment with a white pen, then embossed each outline. I made the lines a little thicker than usual so that I would have room to apply some glue to attach to the base card. 

    After embossing all the outer lines I started to add some designs to the middle of the leaves and petals. Some are just embossed and others I have done some fancy piercing and cutting. 

    Finally I pierced all around the outside edges of each petal and snipped out. Then carefully glued into place on black card. Be careful about adding the glue as it can show through parchment easily. 

    So a few close up pictures of each petal so that you can see the designs a little better. 


      Lastly mounted black card onto some green card added some faux stitch lines and a few gems. 

 Filigraphy Flower Stencil  available from Claritystamps

     Thank-you for visiting, hope you like parchment craft and will give it a try. xxx

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