Friday, 18 December 2015


      Well the big day of the year is nearly here. Hope you have all done your shopping and written your cards. Goodness what do we do to ourselves at this time of year. I have a large family so many presents to be bought, thank goodness for online shopping. Not sure my dodgy knee would get me round the shops for everything. I do like to shop personally for some things though and I love the shops with all the glitter and sparkle. My husband not so keen though so I do not get as much chance as I would like to browse.   
      We will be fairly quiet on Christmas day as just our youngest son visiting for lunch. He will leave late afternoon to go to his girlfriend's family. First time ever I think this year when I might watch TV in the evening. We have a big day on Boxing Day at our daughter's house, when all our family will be there. We are also celebrating the very recent engagement of our eldest son. Exciting times ahead, we all love a wedding. 
     Anyway thought I would just show you the cards I have made this year. 

    This is the design I did for both of my
grandsons cards. Lovely little snowman from the wee Christmas stamps from Claritystamps. Some polar white Flowersoft for the snow.  

                                                                                                                                                                      So I needed a design then for Granddaughters.
I stayed with a similar design just  made it a little
more feminine. Again used the wee folk stamps and some Flowersoft. 

      Wee folk Christmas Stamp    

       I needed quite a few cards to post, so wanted to make these a little smaller for obvious postal reasons. Goodness what a cost for stamps. My husband still has a few aunts and uncles and I like to send them a card as they are elderly and I think it is nice to have one through the post. I opted for another stamp from Clarity, a very useful sentiment one. Some die cut snowflakes and some matting and layering made for an effective card. 

              More Than Words

           Lastly I did another design for our close family and friends. I could make these bigger as they could be hand delivered. I used bubble stencil and Santa's car and Santa and reindeers stamps, again all from Clarity. I used a design by Jo Rice for inspiration here. I loved the way she had drawn lines at bottom of card, she also designed the stencil. Do have a look at her blog she makes some beautiful cards. JR crafts .


                      Bubbles stencil
                      Santa's Car
                      Santa and Sleigh

       Hope you like these designs. I just have to finish the ones now for my own children. I am doing parchment ones so a little more time consuming. I will post pictures when I have completed them. Enjoy your Christmas.   xxx

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  1. They looking "amazing!". You have been busy! I finally finished making my last card yesterday. Looking forward to see the parchment card. Love xmas! Von xxx