Wednesday, 9 September 2015


     September is such a busy month for me, there are so many family Birthdays. the next one on the list is my nephew's. He loves his sailing and spends a lot of time at weekends enjoying his pastime, his young daughter is also very competent with a boat as well. So of course I wanted to make him a boat themed card.

 A little close up view of the details, not sure what colour his boat is but red is nice and bright. It is a little difficult to see the waves on photo but they are there. Maybe I should have been a little braver with colour. 

      Well I hope it meets with approval, pretty sure it will. So just a quick visit from me today but thought I would share this one with you before I drop it into the post.
          Thank-you for visiting. xx


  1. Another great card. I like the birds and reeds that add to the overall effect of the card. Von x

    1. Thanks Von, not used these stamps enough really but just right for David.xx