Wednesday, 17 June 2015


      I have recently bought the new Groovi Plate system from Claritystamps. If you have not already seen this lovely set it enables you to achieve a parchment effect without all the extra work that goes with parchment craft. Obviously there are those among you who are experts at this amazing craft and would not want anything else but some of us find it quite a difficult art to master. I have tried in the past with varying results and there are no classes locally. 
      This system has a groove in the plates which just has to followed with your embossing tools. For more information please go to Barbara Gray's blog  ONE DAY AT A TIME. She has some You Tube videos and will explain it far better than me.
      Anyway I just thought I would share some pictures of my first creation with you.

            This is the completed card and below I have shown a few close ups of the detail.


 The butterfly was embossed twice and the second one cut out and decoupaged. I added a few pearls for embellishment.    

Just a few of the flowers included in the pretty wreath.

I backed the completed design onto some rainbow coloured paper. 

        I have a lot to learn to be able to produce a perfect piece but not too bad to start with.  Hopefully I will soon have some more designs to share with you.
           Thankyou for visiting. 


  1. Wow! It does look like parchment. I really like this! Will have to have a closer look next time I visit! Von x

    1. Thanks Von. You can give it a try really good. xx

  2. Lovely work, Lynne. I have never had lessons either as no-one does it round here. However, I learned all I know so far from watching people like Christine Coleman on C&C and YouTube videos. There are a series of good ones from Wendy Walters which are worthwhile, and there are also loads of lovely free designs out there to download and use at all levels. Looking forward to seeing how we all develop our skills. xxx Maggie

    1. Thankyou Maggie. I agree I think it will be good to see how we all progress. It is a wonderful idea and will help a lot of people. xx