Thursday, 21 May 2015


     We have recently re-decorated our bathroom, looking nice and fresh now pleased to say. However, sitting on one of the shelves was a little china duck. I have had this little chap for many years, my youngest daughter bought it for me when she was in her teens, now she is a mum herself.  Anyway he was looking a little bit sad, colours had faded right away and the glaze was all cracked. I knew it was not an expensive piece of china but it holds many sentiments for me. I have several bits and pieces around the house which the kids bought when they were young. 
      So giving it a bit of thought I decided to have a go at some decopatch on this little duck. So off I went to Hobbycraft and found some paper in the right colour. I have tried decopatch before and was not too keen but was determined to revamp the little chap. I actually found it quite relaxing this time. 

     I chose a vintage style paper which had a map design on it. That cannot be seen in the finished item but I used the darker areas of the paper for the duck's wings so that they would stand out as a different area.

        All you have to do is tear the paper into small pieces and apply to your object with special decopatch glue. I applied plenty of glue and used two layers of paper. When it was all covered I painted it all over with the glue as it works like a varnish. Left it to dry completely and then tied a ribbon around his neck. I am happy with the end result and my little duck now looks so much smarter in my bathroom, where I think he will sit for many more years.

Finished duck looking much smarter.

      Hope you like this, do have a go it is quite an enjoyable pastime. 


  1. Decopatch is great for these little projects and he certainly looks a lot smarter now. glad you saved the duck mum would have been a shame to have got rid of him. These days we all throw far too many things away that could be revamped with a little tender loving care
    love Ju

    1. Glad you like my revamp Julie. I could not part with him, clearly remember you buying it. Perhaps I should look at the clown you all love. xx