Sunday, 1 March 2015


      Goodness, three days in a row I have managed to blog. I shall never keep this going but there does seem to be a lot happening at the moment. Mainly our youngest daughter's 40th Birthday which I keep reminding her of. Her actual Birthday was last week but we are having a family meal a little later today. Her lovely husband has arranged this but I have made her another cake to be brought to the table at the restaurant.  I know how to embarrass her. I have been kind and not actually put her age on this cake but thought I would share a couple of pictures with you all. 

       Quite a nice easy design, she recently made herself a cushion with flowers on it similar to these so I thought they would be topical. Hope you like it and I hope family do when we cut it.  Bye for now, got to go and get my posh frock on.   


  1. Another super cake Mum! Definitely suited the occasion. It was a great meal and we all had a fab time!

  2. Thanks Von, reckon she done well for cakes this year. xx

  3. Yes! Just remember my courier is visiting Friday so don't forget my special delivery!!

    1. Did not forget your delivery. Hope you enjoyed. xx

  4. Lovely cake, it looked great and I like the monochrome effect :)

  5. I loved this cake and the others that you made. Thanks mum. I know that these take precious time to do so I was very overwhelmed at the number of cakes you produced for me this year. Its not going to help me very much at slimming world but hey your only 40 once and everyone has been so kind to make it feel very special
    Love Ju