Tuesday, 20 January 2015


        Time for the challenge at Claritystamp again, this month the theme is Things with Wings. My first thought was butterflies, I would put them on everything given the chance but then I looked through my stamps and found this Lacy Swallow stamp. I had not used it so decided this was a good opportunity. 

         I placed a square aperture stencil onto some Gelli card and stamped the Lacy Swallow through it using black Archival ink. Leaving the stencil in place I added a mask over the swallow and a moon mask and using inks added the background design. Remove the masks. Then using Spectrum Noir pencils I coloured in the swallow.  I chose blue and bright pink, wanting it to stand out well.  I dusted around the edge of card with blue and pink ink. Then layered onto some of the Clarity blue paper and then pink as well. Then onto an 8 x 8 card base. 


Swallow coloured and background.

    I found that if just the tail piece is stamped twice matching in the middle it makes a small bow in the middle. 

         My first idea was to place one of the larger bows in each corner but when I did this they just over powered the swallow. So I cut out the small bow and  placed one of these in each corner adding a gem in the middle. I have put one of the larger ones on the envelope. 

Finished design

      Hope you like this piece. I think it will be perfect for my friend's Birthday in a few weeks.

Monday, 19 January 2015


        I would like to share something different that I have been doing. I used to knit a lot when my children were small but as they grew they preferred sweatshirts etc to mum's stripey creations. Anyway my granddaughter had seen these bags and thought I was the person to knit it for her. I did hers before Christmas and then her mum asked for one in black. So out came the needles again. 

       To make this bag I needed to use a ribbon yarn, it creates ruffles as you knit. I had never used it before so first of all it was a visit to YOU TUBE to find a tutorial to show me how to use it. There are plenty as you would expect. The yarn I used was CAN CAN DISCO yarn. 


       To make the bag more usable I made a lining for inside as I felt that items would snag on the inside. It is not difficult to do and I stitched it to the top edge of the bag. 

     1 ball of Can Can Disco yarn
     1 pair of 6mm and 5mm needles

   Using 6mm needles cast on 40 stitches keeping the yarn whole. Work four rows in moss stitch,   (knit 1  purl 1 making sure you start every row with a knit stitch.) This makes the base of the bag.
    Open up the yarn to form the ruffles and work 12 rows in stocking stitch. ( alternate rows of knit and purl)
    Then using the yarn whole again work 3 more rows in moss stitch.Then cast off using a 5mm needle. This makes the top edge firm and also shapes it slightly. 
   Fold bag in half with ruffles on the inside and sew along the bottom and side edge. You could use a matching cotton for this, but I cut a small length of the yarn and found that by pulling on the threads at the end I was able to get a length of matching wool. I used it double to make it stronger. 
   For the handle cut a piece of yarn to your required length and add about extra 1/4 length. You will need 3 pieces altogether because then they need to be plaited. Sew finished handle in place securely. 
  To make fastening cut another small length of yarn and fold in half and sew inside the centre back edge of the bag, sewing a matching button on the front. 

   I stitched lining in place after I had added handles and fastening as it hides any raw edges.

Hope you have a go at knitting one of these bags, it does not take too long once you get used to the yarn. I quite like the idea of knitting a square using this wool to make into a ruffled cushion front then backing it with a contrasting fabric. Will post a picture if I decide to give it a go. xx   




Tuesday, 6 January 2015


      Some friends of our son have had a new baby boy a few days ago. What a lovely way to start the New Year, Mother and baby doing ok. This is a nice chance to make a baby card as we have not had many new arrivals recently.  I had to have a good search through all my stash to find a suitable image for a card, finally deciding on a Crafter's Companion CD of Popcorn Bear. I have been doing a lot more stamped designs lately but had not got any suitable stamps for this occasion. 
      Anyway I printed out all the pieces I needed, opting for some decoupage. I quite like a project where I need to do some cutting out.

Pieces cut out ready for card
    I assembled the decoupage and then it was just a question of putting the arrangement together with some matching backing paper.

    I also added some flowers from the Sweet Lilac range. They have some beautiful flowers which really add to a card. I hope you like this design, quite a quick and easy card but I thought it was nice to share happy news.