Sunday, 27 December 2015


          Robins, wonderful little birds, we all love them in our family, as do most of Great Britain I think. Such a pretty little bird, we have two living around our garden. They love the little bird bath in the front garden and the food that my husband puts out in the back garden. He loves to watch them flitting around from plant to plant. 
        My grandad used to adore robins and would always say he was going to come back to this earth one day as this cute little bird. . He was a wonderful man full of lovely stories most of which I think he made up. I worshipped him. Anyway after he had passed on my dad would always reckon any robin in the garden was his dad come back to see him. They are so friendly hard not to believe him really. So a great fondness for this little bird was gradually built up amongst our family. Of course Christmas cards for Mum and Dad often featured a robin and I made them a cross stitch picture as well.  
       So the love of these birds has grown among my children. My daughters have a picture of one on their blog as a logo. Crafting Addicts. My son started a job at Royal Crown Derby this year and almost immediately bought us a beautiful miniature robin. He sits on my mantlepiece where he can be seen easily.

          Therefore the choice for my card for this month's Clarity challenge was easy. The theme is a Christmas story. In my case the card had to feature a robin.


                         I started by stamping my robin into place and masking off. 


           Place the star window stencil over the top and secure with masking tape. Then brush over lightly with Cloudy Blue ink. 


               Using Pumice Stone Distress ink and a sponge I carefully added a slightly darker edge to the window. I wanted to make it look like the stone frame. 

          Next place the brickwork stencil over the top and very lightly brush the outside edges with Mushroom ink. Be careful not to go over the window area and don't make it too dark.            

                                       Remove the stencil and mask from bird. 

      Colour in bird, I used Spectrum Noir pencils and also stamped some holly leaves in the corners of the window. 

               Brush some Sparkle Medium in the star. Have to do this carefully to keep in the stencil lines. Love the effect when it dries. 

                 Just needed to stamp Peace and Joy in the top corners, add some little red gems for holly berries and mount onto green card before adding to a card base.

        I think it looks very Christmassy now. I gave this one to my husband for his Christmas card this year. Hope you all like it. 

       I will just give you some links for the stamps and stencils I have used. Of course all are available from  Claritystamps
       Window Stencil
       Brickwork stencil
       Holly leaves    These were from a bigger set with a window in as well.
       Peace and Joy  Again from a larger bauble set.

             I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, seems to be over so quickly, all that planning. I look forward to another year though filled with lots of creativity. Thank-you for visiting. Please leave a comment if you have time.  xxx



Thursday, 24 December 2015


       Well I hope all your preparations for the big day are complete. I expect a few of you are still busy, I know Christmas Eve used to be a frantic time for me when I did all the entertaining for parents. Sadly they are no longer with us but do still remember them at this time of year as today would have been my father's Birthday. I do miss that extra mad rush of trying to fit in a special visit for him as well. 
       Anyway even though my kids are all grown up now we still all love Christmas. Wonder how many silly games we will play this year. Just hoping one of the grandchildren has not had that game called Pie Face. Looks funny when others are playing but not so sure I want to be on the receiving end. 

        So the last of my cards are completed for this year, will I be more organised next year, I always think so but rarely happens. These last ones were for my own kids , parchment so took a little longer. A very relaxing pastime though. 

I pierced and snipped out all the stars. Can you spot the mistake though, when I was adding this photo I realised I had not coloured in one of Santa's arms. Never mind let's hope my son does not notice. 

I love this Christmas tree design. Very elegant.     



              It was a little difficult to get a decent picture of this last one as I mounted it on silver mirri board. Also the silver reflected the camera lens in the middle, I have a pink camera. 

     I used all Groovi plates for these cards from Claritystamps . All available on their website.

           Thank-you for visiting, hope you like these designs. 
            MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. xx

Sunday, 20 December 2015


      Just a quick visit to share a card I have made for my granddaughter. She will be 12 on Tuesday. Quite a young lady now and certainly knows her own mind. I sometimes wonder where the years are going when I look at my grandchildren they are all growing so fast.                 Anyway I thought she needed a card that was a little more grown up. I have made her a parchment one using the new Groovi system from Claritystamp. This is a wonderful way to break into parchment craft if you have not tried it before. It works by giving you the lines to emboss on and then you can carry it on to whatever level you like. On this card I have done a lot of piercing and cutting which is quite intricate. I find it very relaxing.  I did use a card made by the fantastic Emma Burns as inspiration. Do visit her blog Handmade in Scotland, she is a very clever lady and very happy to share her knowledge.


         I used the Madeleine Groovi plate for this design, hence the title of this post.  Madeleine Groovi Plate. This design is also available as a stencil and a stamp and is very useful and pretty. Do have a go if you have not tried parchment work, it is very relaxing. 
        Thank-you for dropping by and it seems appropriate to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.   xxx

Friday, 18 December 2015


      Well the big day of the year is nearly here. Hope you have all done your shopping and written your cards. Goodness what do we do to ourselves at this time of year. I have a large family so many presents to be bought, thank goodness for online shopping. Not sure my dodgy knee would get me round the shops for everything. I do like to shop personally for some things though and I love the shops with all the glitter and sparkle. My husband not so keen though so I do not get as much chance as I would like to browse.   
      We will be fairly quiet on Christmas day as just our youngest son visiting for lunch. He will leave late afternoon to go to his girlfriend's family. First time ever I think this year when I might watch TV in the evening. We have a big day on Boxing Day at our daughter's house, when all our family will be there. We are also celebrating the very recent engagement of our eldest son. Exciting times ahead, we all love a wedding. 
     Anyway thought I would just show you the cards I have made this year. 

    This is the design I did for both of my
grandsons cards. Lovely little snowman from the wee Christmas stamps from Claritystamps. Some polar white Flowersoft for the snow.  

                                                                                                                                                                      So I needed a design then for Granddaughters.
I stayed with a similar design just  made it a little
more feminine. Again used the wee folk stamps and some Flowersoft. 

      Wee folk Christmas Stamp    

       I needed quite a few cards to post, so wanted to make these a little smaller for obvious postal reasons. Goodness what a cost for stamps. My husband still has a few aunts and uncles and I like to send them a card as they are elderly and I think it is nice to have one through the post. I opted for another stamp from Clarity, a very useful sentiment one. Some die cut snowflakes and some matting and layering made for an effective card. 

              More Than Words

           Lastly I did another design for our close family and friends. I could make these bigger as they could be hand delivered. I used bubble stencil and Santa's car and Santa and reindeers stamps, again all from Clarity. I used a design by Jo Rice for inspiration here. I loved the way she had drawn lines at bottom of card, she also designed the stencil. Do have a look at her blog she makes some beautiful cards. JR crafts .


                      Bubbles stencil
                      Santa's Car
                      Santa and Sleigh

       Hope you like these designs. I just have to finish the ones now for my own children. I am doing parchment ones so a little more time consuming. I will post pictures when I have completed them. Enjoy your Christmas.   xxx

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


      Well very nearly the end of November, will soon be Christmas. Have you done your shopping yet and made your cards. Most of my cards are done and I have managed about half of my pressie shopping. We are a large family so lots to get. Just wish my dear husband would give me some idea of what he might like for his pressie. Not a clue at the moment. My daughter is doing the big family get together this year so that eases the workload a little, we do love Christmas. 
         Anyway I have just completed my card for this month's challenge at Claritystamps, the theme has been CLEAN and SIMPLE. I quite like this style of card although I do love embellishments so had to hold back a bit. I had a few ideas but finally settled on the one I am sharing with you here. 

        I started by blending three colours of distress ink over a piece of card. 

      Next I stamped the single Funky Flower twice over the blended colours. The stalk was not as long as I wanted so I used a Black micron pen to extend it a little.  I also heat embossed the image with clear embossing powder so that it stood out well. Also meant I could use my pro-markers to colour it.

       I also stamped some script randomly over the card with second generation ink, just to give a little bit of interest to the background. Then coloured in the flower heads. 


        Before  mounting the image onto some black card I added a small piece of black ribbon across the stems.  A final sentiment finished the card.

         I think this fits the challenge theme ok and I hope you like it. Back to finishing those Christmas cards now and if you have time please leave a comment. Thank-you.  xx

Friday, 13 November 2015


  Just a very quick post today as I have left this card very late. I want to enter it into the challenge at Sweet Lilac Flowers which is Orange and Black. I had not got many orange flowers but hope these will fit the brief.   So just a few photos today but the design does not need any explanation really. 





                        Thanks for visiting. xxx

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


      I have recently visited the NEC for the Hobbycrafts show. It was a brilliant day if very tiring, so many wonderful ideas. I usually go with both my daughters and my granddaughter, we all have different interests but manage to fit time in for everyone. Heather, my granddaughter and I spotted Debbi Moore demoing book folding so we were keen to have a look. Amazing to see the results and I was very keen to try it out. So invested in a pattern book from her stand. Below is the result of my first attempt. I obviously cannot share this pattern with you as it is copyrighted but pay her website a visit and there are many to choose from. Debbi Moore
       It was difficult to destroy a book to begin with but there are so many in the Charity shops it is a lovely way to re-cycle them. Plus making a small donation to a charity.


     Next project is a Christmas tree, I have got several books ready to transform. I have a great niece who loves my sparkly cards apparently, so I reckon she will love this.  Hope you do too. xx

Thursday, 29 October 2015


        Well Autumn is here again, far too quickly for my liking because that means cold days will be following soon. I am not a winter person but must admit to the sight on a crisp frosty morning. Everything looking so crisp. Still we have not got that far yet and Autumn is giving us some wonderful colourful sights this year. Not sure that we will see a tree like the one I have created below for October's challenge at Claritystamp.  The theme is to use Stencils, we could use stamps as well but I have chosen to stick with just stencils. I have also used a small canvas for a change.

      Firstly I painted all over my canvas with Blueberry chalk paint. Lovely dark background.

       Next I taped my stencil in place and masked off the bit at the bottom that I did not want to use.   I used Tree of Life stencil

        Once prepared I dragged some grunge paste through and left to dry. Then re-applied stencil over the picture. 


     Next I added some colour to the tree by sponging different colours of inks through the stencil. It's a magical tree so no need to stick to nature's colours. I wanted some leaves so rubbed some gilding flakes over double sided adhesive. I love the effect achieved with this medium.

      I stuck the piece of adhesive to some copy paper so that I could draw on some leaves and cut out. I used the stencil that came with October's NDC  newsletter to get the shapes. Just needed to glue these to the tree, I used some Pinflair gel for this and also a few dabs of glitter glue around the base. 

        Would be nice to have trees this colour in our garden. Hope you like this canvas. Please leave a comment if you have time. Thank-you.  xx

Thursday, 1 October 2015


      Hello, welcome back. I was having a look through all my stamps the other day and found this pretty background one. I think it is based on 'The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady' so I am guessing Wild Roses. Not too sure but I think my aunt used to call them Dog roses but I might be very wrong. I am not brilliant on names for wild flowers. Anyway I have used this stamp as the basis for my card for the challenge at Sweet Lilac Flowers, which this time is titled 'Say it With Flowers' I think most of us enjoy making floral cards.

     I started by making a mask for my stencil out of copy paper. Just draw round stencil and then cut out the inside carefully on the lines. Then I taped the stencil to a piece of card , making a hinge at the top. I brushed some Meadow Adirondack through the aperture, just lightly. Lift up the stencil to have a little look and decide if more ink needed. 

    When I was happy with the colour I removed the stencil and placed the copy paper mask I had made over the design.  Then I stamped my flowers into place.

      Once I had stamped enough flowers I removed the paper mask and drew a fine squiggly line all around the outside of pattern. 

          Next step was to use my Spectrum Noir pencils and colour in the stamped image. 

         I mounted the design onto a piece of contrasting paper,added another line around the edge of the card. Then some of the Sweet Lilac flowers and a few pearls

          I die cut a greeting in the same paper as background and added to the top.


         Quite a simple card but looks effective I think.  So I am going to enter this into the challenge at Sweet Lilac.  Do have a look at their website and also maybe put your own entry into the challenge, might win some lovely flowers. Thankyou for visiting.  xx

Saturday, 26 September 2015


        Time has come round again for the challenge at Claritystamps. This month's theme is  A Shaped Card. Loads of possibilities really with this one, cards can be all shapes these days. I decided eventually on Pyramid Card, which at first glance does not look like a card but can be left flat for posting. It is very stable as well because of the triangular shape.  So many ideas as well for decorating, I opted for some parchment and used the new Groovi system from Clarity to help me. So relaxing and very very addictive. 
My finished design  

      Right I will try to explain as clearly as I can how I created this card.  I started by cutting some card into three 6"x 6"  squares although you can make them whatever size you like. Just remember if you are going to post it that it will need to fit an envelope. Next I used three shades of distress ink and brushed them over the card randomly making the edges a little darker. I then used a blending tool over the edge to get some real depth of colour. I used Rusty Hinge, Aged Mahogany and Wild Honey.

       Then using the Elder leaf stamp I stamped all round the edges added some clear embossing powder and heat embossed. Difficult to get a good photo.

      Next you need to score across diagonally on all three pieces of card. Use a scoring board and make sure the card will fold really crisply. Then the pyramid will form easily.

       The picture above shows how the pieces of card were positioned for assembly. The black lines showing where the creases are. I used double sided tape. If wanting to post the card put tape on the very last edge but don't form into the pyramid, just put a little note in with card explaining how to assemble.  If you are decorating at this stage, please be careful not to stick anything over the fold lines.   
       I chose to use parchment designs to decorate my card, so firstly cut two pieces of parchment into 5" x 5" squares. Using just a little bit of one of the border designs from the Groovi system I embossed around the edges and then used the Sprig design plate to fill in the centres. Just lightly embossing the leaves further.


        I pricked and snipped with parchment scissors all round the edge but if you are not happy to do this cutting out with scissors will be fine. It will still give a nice finish.

         Position the triangles onto the card again making sure not to cover the folds. Also be careful if using parchment where any glue or double sided tape is put as it can show through.

            I have added some pearls as well along the scalloped edge.  Then I stamped the elderleaf onto some card with black archival and using a white pen traced the design several times onto parchment. Next from the reverse side emboss the design carefully. I also added some colour with Spectrum Noir pencils and then from the front again carefully pricked and 
snipped around the leaves. Took a while but very relaxing.   Mine are not perfect but I am still learning this part of parchment craft. More practice needed. 


        The finished leaves were glued to the front of the card along one edge again being careful where the glue was applied.  




             Took a little while to complete but I am happy with the result. Parchment is so pretty. 

        Items used are
                           Groovi system
                           Sprig plate
                           Lace Border Plates set 1 & 2
                           Elder leaf stamp
    All available from Claritystamp

        I hope I have given you enough information here to be able to make one of these cards. I can think of many ways to decorate them. Have fun playing. 
       Thank-you for having a look at my blog today. xx