Wednesday, 19 November 2014


       I have been asked by a good friend if I would make a card for her Mum and Dad's  Wedding Anniversary. They will have been married for 45 years, which apparently makes it their Sapphire wedding anniversary. Now I only have 18 months to go before it will be 45 years for us, so hey folks I am looking forward to a new piece of jewellery.  Some ear rings might be nice to match the Sapphire engagement ring I had all those years ago. Better start dropping some hints early. Actually 45 years is a wonderful landmark and I hope they have a fantastic day. 
        I decided the card had better be a bit special and as my friend did not ask for any particular design I was free to do what I liked. I chose to make a book on top of the card so that I could add all the details for them. Starting with an A5 card base I covered it with some pale blue paper. The book was embossed and cut out using a board I had a few years ago. I used several different colours of card finishing with a layer of parchment paper. All the edges of the book are finished with peel offs.    

Finished card

      I added some dark blue ribbon down the middle to look like a bookmark.  Also some blue and white flowers from Sweet Lilac .

Close up showing details on book.

    Of course this was never going to be able to go in an envelope so I made a suitable box for it. Hope they like their card and I am sure their lovely family will make sure they have a special day.  Congratulations to both of them. 


  1. Love the card! Not long until your 45th anniversary. Will have to start thinking how we can celebrate! Von xx

    1. Thanks Von. Yes definitely have a celebration. xx