Wednesday, 10 September 2014


      I am a great admirer of the wonderful pieces of art that Barbara Gray produces. She has a wonderful blog called  One day at a Time  and you will find the link for this at the side of my blog. Now she makes some lovely pictures using masks and a brayer ( which is a type of soft roller).  I am keen to be able to re-produce some of the great country scenes. 
So I am sharing with you one of my first attempts.  This picture is based on one of Barbara's  pictures so I would like to give her the credit for the design 

My finished card
         I still have a lot to learn about getting those hills right but practise makes perfect. Or so I hope. In the meantime I shall send this card to my nephew who really surprised me recently by being very knowledgeable  about this type of art work. I have promised him I will improve enough to produce a card with a winter scene for his Christmas card. 

      In the meantime please pay a visit to Barbara's blog, you will not be disappointed and  I will carry on with my attempts. Thankyou for visiting.

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  1. I think this is a really lovely card. You are doing brilliantly with Barbara's techniques. Love it! Von x