Saturday, 20 September 2014


      It has been my daughter's Birthday this weekend so of course I needed a special card for her. I have had to wait until I had given her the card before sharing with you all as she was checking my blog to see what I had made for her. So not much has changed since she was young as she used to go looking for her surprises then. 
       Anyway back to the card, I chose to use the Funky Flowers stamp from Clarity. A very versatile set of stamps especially if you have the foliage one as well. 

   To start I placed some masking tape along the length of the card, then stamped the flowers in place adding the single flower as well but bending the stem a little.           
      The masking tape just helps to keep everything straight. Remove the tape and using a black pen and ruler draw two straight lines under the flowers.

    In the gap made by the lines stamp a little design. I had a little border stamp that fitted nicely

     Not too sure I have got that quite straight but if you don't tell her I won't. Once that is done colour in the flowers and foliage.  I used pro-markers but whatever you have will do. Choose some bright colours.  I also added a sentiment across the bottom section.

     Just needed to add some gems and a little flower in the top corner. Mounted it onto some black card and then a white card base. I also like to put an insert in my cards just to finish them off.
      Of course it would not be a Birthday without cake so I made her one of those as well. She has taught herself to crochet this year, quite an achievement. I remember trying to teach her when she was young but did not succeed.  Anyway I decorated the cake to show her latest skill and thought I would show you a picture.

Tasted ok too
    Well that is it for Birthdays this month so I suppose I had better start thinking about Christmas cards.  Thankyou for visiting.

        I used the FUNKY FOLIAGE COLLAGE  CLEAR STAMP  from 


  1. Thanks mum! A brilliant card and the cake was great too! It looked straight to me... Love the stamp. Another clarity winner! Von x

  2. Great card and cake Lynne....perfect for your daughters Birthday....hugs. Jo. X

    1. Thankyou. Cake tasted ok too, I am pleased to say. xx