Sunday, 8 July 2018


                  It was my grandaughter's Birthday yesterday, she has left her teenage years behind her now but not telling you how old she is. Ha ha.

                  Her biggest passion is shoes and unusual ones at that so as you can guess they do not come cheap but she is young so why not. She has quite a collection now.

              So of course I decided on a shoe theme for her Birthday card, well a boot actually but she has several of those as well.


              This was a fairly simple card to make.  I started by using a piece of good quality card, mine was actually the stencil card from Claritystamp but you could use Sheena card or watercolour card.

               Start by stamping your image into place, then cover it with a mask. Use an Archival ink.

            Using Dilusion sprays I spritzed the background. Make sure you do this outside or by placing the card in a box. Could be messy otherwise. Don't worry about a few bigger splodges they add to the character of the background.

              Now you need to remove the mask over image and cut one out to cover the outside area. Do this by stamping your image onto a post it note then cutting out the middle. Carefully place over image then I used Distress Oxides to blend over the inside area. They blend beautifully, I am in love with them for blending.

            Stamp some designs in the middle before you remove mask. The rest is quite straightforward, I die cut some cogs and wheels and added them to the corners with some flowers. Few pearls for a bit of bling.

           I used cogs and wheels because my grandaughter is doing an horology degree. Quite technical.

         I even carried the theme onto her cake.

          I used one of the Clarity Groovi plates as inspiration for the design.

                       It tasted good as well, thank goodness.

           Hope you like the card, lots of possibilities with other images to do similar.

                                Thank-you for dropping by. xx

Friday, 29 June 2018


        I needed two Birthday cards for this weekend and I wanted them to be quite special so parchment ones were required. They always look so pretty but of course can take quite a while to make. I chose to use two Groovi plates from Claritystamp, both were designed by Maria Maidment. She is so talented and these plates are really pretty Shoe and Hat. I also took a border from another plate for the shoe card Linda's cosmos and lace.

                        Almost good enough for Ascot. I made a little hole in the parchment to push the feather through and secured it at the back with some red liner tape. The glitter does not show in the photo but I used the Pergamano ultra fine.

               I love this shoe design. As I was short of time I used some flowers from my stash instead of making parchment ones. They work ok though.

             A quick visit today but thought you might like to see these. I have a few more in the making so back soon.

            Enjoy the weekend and the beautiful weather we are having at the moment.

                                                           Bye. x                                       

Wednesday, 20 June 2018


         Paper flowers are quite popular at the moment, easy to make and quite cheap to replace when they go past their sell by date. Some can be fiddly to make but these Origami style ones are quite easy.                                                      

             Start off by cutting 5 x 75mm  squares of paper. I used some of the Claritystamp designer paper. Northern lights. This is a very good quality paper but you could use any type, not too thick though as it will be difficult to make the folds.


         Using one of the squares fold in half diagonally. Crease the fold with a bone folder to make it nice and sharp.                     

             Fold the two outside corners into the centre to make a square diamond shape. Crease the folds again with a bone folder. 


          Fold one of the flaps back on itself so that straight edges are level with the outside edge. Take your time to get this stage right and accurate. Use the bone folder again. 
                  Do the same on the other side so that your piece of paper looks like the photo below. 

            Next step is a little fiddly so be patient. You need to open out the folds you have just made and flatten them It should resemble a kite shape. 


          Next fold the top edge of each little kite shape over the top then fold back again as in the picture below. Crease those folds well again. 


             Now fold these little flaps in half along the vertical crease towards the centre. Crease well with the bone folder. 

                  These two outside pieces  have now got to be brought together and glued in place. Use a good strong glue and hold in place whilst it sets. I put plenty on just to be safe. 
             This is the shape you should end up with. Do not crease this time it should be cone like.

  Make four more shapes to match then start to join them together for your flower. Plenty of strong glue, not all over the cone shape though just about one third. 
         It can be a bit easier to join two shapes and three shapes then glue the two sections together. Don't forget to put some wire or a stick in the middle though before joining. I used a kebab stick and that might look very pretty painted in a cheerful colour.
        Of course I needed to add some glitter to mine. I am a bit like a magpie, love glitter.


    Hope you get to make some of these flowers. i did some a little while ago with old book pages. Might be  a good idea to practice with some scrap paper first to get used to all the folds. 

                   Have Fun,  xx

Monday, 18 June 2018


       I have just returned from two fabulous days in Crowborough East Sussex for the Claritystamp  Open Days. This involves a lot of team work from all the Clarity crew and lots of demos from the amazing design team. It is a chance to learn new ideas from the design team and to catch up with old friends and to make some new ones. My husband always comes along with me although he usually spends his time chatting to other lonesome husbands.
      This year the Open Days were even more special as next week Barbara Gray and David Roe get married. They have been engaged for about twelve years so about time. I am sure it will be a fantastic occasion and I look forward to seeing all the photos. Barbara put on some very special raffle prizes and arranged for some lovely ladies to make some boutique style cup cakes. They were amazing.



                                           Those cakes tasted just as great as they looked.                                              

           I really wanted to watch the fabulous Tina Cox showing us all how to colour the gems that are          so popular at the moment. I have almost got them right but I wanted advice and now I need to              try again.  I will not be defeated.



                     I bought the parchlet Groovi plates as well. Big investment but they are amazing.

        I also needed to watch Linda Williams, a fantastically talented lady. She was showing us how to colour a fluffy little robin. I am hoping to be able to perfect them so that my Christmas cards will be amazing.                                   


               Above are the stages of colouring the robin. The photo does not do them justice but hopefully I will be back with my version.

     Of course no Open Day would be complete without  a visit to Sam Crowe's table. Mixed media artist and Gelli plate expert. Wish I was as brave as her with colour.

                           Usually best to stand well back when Sam starts splashing the paint.

         Finally Maria Moorhouse, who was showing us some fabulous ideas for our stencils. She makes it all look so easy. I go to one of her workshops each month and always come home having picked up new tips.                                     


                                                        A little example of her demos.                                                           

        Paul Church and Dee Paramour were also very busy, Paul on Groovi with the light panel and Dee just showing us some of her amazing techniques. She is so talented in many aspects of craft .

          The next Open Day is in Leyburn, North Yorkshire in September and tickets go on sale tomorrow if you think you can attend. The venue is amazing, Tennants Auction House. Hope to see you there.

             Quite a long post today but good to share these fantastic days.